Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Inspiration is a four letter word IKEA

I find it very inspirational that the first display a customer is forced to walk through IKEA starts with this message:

Look at the sq/ft space they use an example...588. With my 850 I could create a loft or another room. This is a visual blueprint for me to work from.

For starters, here is the main living room. We have a black leather set just like that and the wall of books should cover our books, games and knick knacks.

The kitchen looks like the same amount of cupboard space that we have now. I will need to find a wall for our china cabinet.

Bathroom looks efficient. I don't believe in more than one or two towels per person, so everything should fit in. Let's add a bathtub. I am addicted to floating in warm water. It is my cheap version of a spa.

This bedroom looks perfect. I would have the bunks be queen beds since all my children are taller than me. I also would have one more roll out from underneath if all three kids are home.
I grew up in a house where we were assigned two kids per room. Our cabin up north sleeps 6 people in one narrow room with bunks like these.

Here is the master bedroom. No need for the headboard or that metal frame around the matress. I lived my whole life without one, don't need to change now. Love the glowing orbs for ambiance. The closet is fine for both our clothes.

So now as I climb up and down my current mega-house, I can glance at things that don't fit in here and start making come cuts. The IKEA space is 588 sq ft and I am shooting for 850..that leaves me approximately 262 sq/ft to hoard the rest of my stuff.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Castle closure

Today I jumped into the car and drove to Minneapolis in search of the lucky recipients of the house that has adorned the header of my blog. Three stands of lights twinkled as I knocked on the door. With no script in hand, how do I explain to a stranger that I have house lust? How did I expect them to respond? A very friendly young man opened the door and luckily I had a printout of my blog. He said that he and his wife are missionaries and that this house was all they needed. His advice to me is to just only collect what you need. As I hemmed and hawed about how to shove all my possessions into this space, here were two people that understood that "less is more". Bravo to these two who can live so simply.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Solid as a rock

Do I qualify as a troll if I am 5'10"? This magical Hobbit house has the most beautiful circular door and hinge.

I just found out that a distant Etzkorn relative lives in a castle made of rocks. This calls for adventure roadtrip this summer,

My rock collection has begun.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

dmva inspiration

I thought I was 100% city girl until I saw this. It all comes down to the ability to have wifi.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

What do you see?

Where most see this house as a foreclosure,

I see potential.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Settle down Barb

O.K, I may have gone a bit extreme when I came across this while looking for house roofs for a project. "That's a cute small house I thought". See more at doghouse

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Big reason to leave this house. 1).Never ending leaf raking

This is week number one. 1 bin and 25 bags later. As you will see none of our trees have lost their leaves. There is some physics wind tunnel that whips leaves down the street and plops them on our yard. My bet is that we get to 100 bags by the end.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dream purge

Saw this tudor over the weekend. It was so nice we actually told the realtor to make an offer. We found out this morning that there were multiple offers. The bank accepted the one that was $20,000 over the asking price. Sigh. I did looooove the fireplace.

I looked at this months ago. Charming schoolhouse. O.k, so it didn't have any water or electric or anything...but look at that door.....look at that door.

I have banned myself from the MLS listing service for a few weeks to sit back to appreciate my own house that has working electricity, capped sewer pipes, and lots of room to wander through.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness

This counts for church today...amen.

clippings of dream house

Found these clippings in a file cabinet I am tossing this weekend:

For some reason these both look nice to me. The respectable castle, and the thought of living under the stars.

There are actual companies that make these for a COMMUNITY of people.
Who are these other people? What an interesting community that would would certainly know your neighbors!

My daughter will often refer to this photo. What a great place to hang with your kids and talk about life and if they have taken out the garbage yet.

This was a photo from an actual house on the mls listings. Does anyone have an empty room with just a hammock in it looking out at nature?

This is my idea of landscaping. No real maintenance, a place to relax and totally Feng shui. Ben you promised me a copper Swoosh hot tub when we were engaged...this will cover your obligations.

Every house should have a porch.

I wouldn't care if there was a Target within 3 hours.

Maybe it is just a cabin that interests me.
Disclaimer: If there is no wifi in these woods, then I am not interested.

My sister from Finland sent me this as a gift a few years ago. I haven't found a place for it and it is the one thing I want hanging up. This is called "Kevatjuhla" 2008. It is by Miina Akkijyrkka. It speaks to those who seek the rush of new pursuits. Maybe I should just house swap with my sister in Finland. I'll trade you a cul-de-sac for your beautiful tin roof house or your cabin by the rushing river. I love this print.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Things to do to sell the house

A few weeks ago I had a realtor go through my house. She took me around and told me the many things to do to make it ready to sell. It was overwhelming and over six pages long. The following are suggestions that she made and the results that followed.

If you paint your garage white it will make your house look less blue.



Change your front door color from purple to white. ( I meant to do that 10 years ago).


Take down the orange wallpaper in the bathroom and paint it a neutral color. After we tore down all the wallpaper my daughter commented on her complexion was finally a natural tone without a orange glow.



Inspiration home of the day:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

They went to a good home.

Went to an open house today for my brother's girl friend. I often dropped off bags of garage sale items to this house to sell. The fun part is that she kept some of the items I had tossed and my brothers was wearing one of my son's shirts which happens quite frequently and is a running joke.

This first item came from my South Minneapolis house. There was one of these hanging from each living room window. The bell now greets all visitors into this house.

As I entered the kitchen were two beautiful rod iron chairs I bought at a garage sale. They have ALWAYS needed a nice wood floor instead of Home Depot carpet to park at. They fit in beautiful and they looked like they had found just the right spot.

Finally there were my two large, oversized colorful tea cups. I had many plans for these. First I was going to smash them up and use them as tiles, but I never had enough to create anything. Then I was going to drill a hole in them and add a long iron pole to stick in a garden. You fill them up with dirt and add a flower. Way too many steps for me and by the looks of my sagging four tomato plants that produced one tomato this year, I think all turned out for the best.

This helps me remember that those "projects" that remain in the corner or the items that will someday find a place, perhaps belong in someone else's house.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Closet casualties

I can't deny it. I've been thinking about that dwarf house I talked about below. All of a sudden it has left the listing radar. It is not on the "sold" status and it's not on the "for sale" status.You know the feeling when you find something in a store and are not 100% sure about it? As you lay it back down, someone comes by and SNATCHES it and you all of a sudden you are in a panic? So if this treasure sells I think I may need to go meet the owner of "MY" house. If it doesn't sell I may need to meet the person who is trying to sell it. In the mean time I will continue to purge. I let my daughter pull a handful of items from my closet. I should've told her to start with the Kohl's purchases, but she went straight to the full price boutique items. Here are a few highlights:

This is my Beyonce top. I loved the flowing arms.

I wore this to my internship surrounded by 12 other 20 year olds. My husband said I looked like "Juno" in it. Fond memories of faking being young.

I bought this at Kohls. It should go. Period. It came from Kohls.

Patterned socks? I am so embarrassed.

This ended up in a church "$5 all you can fit bag". Wrong.Bye

For some reason I had no stomach when I bought this. It shows every roll. Thrilled that Plato's closet thought it was worth $4.50...(the YOUNG people's clothes place I may mention)

If anyone has a photo of me in this, I have the right to rip it up. This looks plain wierd. Greeeeen? I don't understand this because I love the movie "ELF".

This may be the most dated and longest kept piece of clothing. It came with a matching skirt for those office days. The skirt was adopted long ago, but I hung on to this because it was comfy. I saw a woman last week at the health club with what looked like this exact shirt. Have I dropped off this give-away bag yet???? hmmmm.

The grand finale! I wore this A LOT. All it took was for my daughter to tell me I looked like a big birthday cake. I will NEVER wear this again. Ever.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

"A" perfect home.

Look to nature for inspiration. Not a bad location either! (Target) Can I fit all my belongings in "a" space?