Thursday, June 9, 2011

Start today to downsize.

Today is the day I start the process. The idea has been in my mind for a long time. In fact, when my husband, two kids and myself left traveling the world for his job a decade ago, we fit all our belongings into a Toyota Camry. Since that day we have “progressed” from a nice house in the city, had another child and migrated to the suburbs where we collected two basset hounds, a fenced in yard, two cars and a cul-de-sac. We have collected all our worldly belongings under a split-level home of approximately 2900 sq feet.
Jump-start to this moment on a Saturday morning. There are 3 bathrooms to clean, I reached for more toilet paper in the family room bathroom and the shelf was STUFFED with t-shirts and hair products…STUFFED. I went up to grab the camera to visually start documenting this and both cameras had had the photo cards missing. I looked out the kitchen window to see my husband busy greasing the automatic sprinkler heads. Is this the life I chose?
It doesn’t help that I watched a video on a family of three surviving out of a 360 ft custom-built trailer that left them mortgage free.
I don’t want to vacuum 4 floors today, I don’t want to cool this large auditorium just to sort and pick up all our things. I don’t look forward to assembling the screened in porch with all its furniture today.
This site is for me. As I tell my kids, when you plan something it happens, so this is my way to be accountable to flushing the system and seeing if I can par down to perhaps not a Camry, but a life that is reasonable and one that allows the freedom to live life instead of being chained to it.
I know there are other people out there who are curious about this topic, so come along and see what hurdles I jump and what problems arise as I make my path to the wee house of my future.
The easiest first step would be to yell at my daughter to toss all her junk, but the honest first step is to start with my own junk. For a realistic first day I am going to reduce my shelf of creative inspiration books from 3 shelves to 2. I can do that. I can. Watch me.