Saturday, July 30, 2011

Downsizing your house.Exactly.

After a few week hiatus from looking at houses I hopped on the listing site last night. During my last few clicks I came across this VERY familiar image. What? Thats the house in my HEADER of this blog! It's for sale? Now? There's no time to weed through boxes of knick knacks?

I went down to Minneapolis to see it with my son. It was just as I pictured it, nestled inbetween two regular houses for the illusion that is was created for dwarfs. Strangely the door was open. Why is the door open? We both got excited that if we tossed almost everything, that this was the house we have been looking for. We go home to pick up my husband and give him the tour. His main complaint is that there really is not room for a kitchen table.

My son set out to map out the rooms and show us the answer. Here it is. Everything has a place and his solution was to put the kitchen table OUTSIDE the house. Three seasons we would be good and then we would eat in the basement next to the furnace. I also liked the part where he has the dogs sleeping in the hallway closet under our clothes. I don't think this house was meant for anyone except us, yet the thought of passing the peas outside as the neighbors watch on may be too neighborly.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fashion wins over passion

Second day and conflict arises. My youngest daughter wants to tear down the teen magazine collage and paint a wall pink. Isn't pink the number one color in distracting prospective buyers to purchase a house? Does she understand my three year plan started yesterday and she just missed getting grandfathered in? I will abide to her wishes as I reminisce about the 4 cut tree logs I placed under my bed at that age that still had insects living in them. Yeah…she can paint her wall pink….just one…goodbye Justin Beiber.