Sunday, September 25, 2011

They went to a good home.

Went to an open house today for my brother's girl friend. I often dropped off bags of garage sale items to this house to sell. The fun part is that she kept some of the items I had tossed and my brothers was wearing one of my son's shirts which happens quite frequently and is a running joke.

This first item came from my South Minneapolis house. There was one of these hanging from each living room window. The bell now greets all visitors into this house.

As I entered the kitchen were two beautiful rod iron chairs I bought at a garage sale. They have ALWAYS needed a nice wood floor instead of Home Depot carpet to park at. They fit in beautiful and they looked like they had found just the right spot.

Finally there were my two large, oversized colorful tea cups. I had many plans for these. First I was going to smash them up and use them as tiles, but I never had enough to create anything. Then I was going to drill a hole in them and add a long iron pole to stick in a garden. You fill them up with dirt and add a flower. Way too many steps for me and by the looks of my sagging four tomato plants that produced one tomato this year, I think all turned out for the best.

This helps me remember that those "projects" that remain in the corner or the items that will someday find a place, perhaps belong in someone else's house.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Closet casualties

I can't deny it. I've been thinking about that dwarf house I talked about below. All of a sudden it has left the listing radar. It is not on the "sold" status and it's not on the "for sale" status.You know the feeling when you find something in a store and are not 100% sure about it? As you lay it back down, someone comes by and SNATCHES it and you all of a sudden you are in a panic? So if this treasure sells I think I may need to go meet the owner of "MY" house. If it doesn't sell I may need to meet the person who is trying to sell it. In the mean time I will continue to purge. I let my daughter pull a handful of items from my closet. I should've told her to start with the Kohl's purchases, but she went straight to the full price boutique items. Here are a few highlights:

This is my Beyonce top. I loved the flowing arms.

I wore this to my internship surrounded by 12 other 20 year olds. My husband said I looked like "Juno" in it. Fond memories of faking being young.

I bought this at Kohls. It should go. Period. It came from Kohls.

Patterned socks? I am so embarrassed.

This ended up in a church "$5 all you can fit bag". Wrong.Bye

For some reason I had no stomach when I bought this. It shows every roll. Thrilled that Plato's closet thought it was worth $4.50...(the YOUNG people's clothes place I may mention)

If anyone has a photo of me in this, I have the right to rip it up. This looks plain wierd. Greeeeen? I don't understand this because I love the movie "ELF".

This may be the most dated and longest kept piece of clothing. It came with a matching skirt for those office days. The skirt was adopted long ago, but I hung on to this because it was comfy. I saw a woman last week at the health club with what looked like this exact shirt. Have I dropped off this give-away bag yet???? hmmmm.

The grand finale! I wore this A LOT. All it took was for my daughter to tell me I looked like a big birthday cake. I will NEVER wear this again. Ever.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

"A" perfect home.

Look to nature for inspiration. Not a bad location either! (Target) Can I fit all my belongings in "a" space?

Monday, September 5, 2011

What to pack in a backpack for camping

A few weeks ago our family ventured up to the Boundary Waters for our summer vacation. We realized our backpacks were filling quickly without any tents, sleeping bags or food. So restrictions were made on clothing...just a few outfits. After portaging two heavy canoes, five heavy pack packs and two poles for a canopy for three days, I realized that I only really needed one outfit to sweat in, pour repellent all over and sleep in. The one time that we wanted our swim suits was at a hidden waterfall deep into the forrest after a muddy trail. Our packs were left back in the canoe. I jumped in with my clothes as did one of my kids and husband....the other swimsuit never saw water, nor did the other outfits and excess items. I'm thinking I should go through my closet and find 10 outfits I love and toss the rest.