Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Inspiration is a four letter word IKEA

I find it very inspirational that the first display a customer is forced to walk through IKEA starts with this message:

Look at the sq/ft space they use an example...588. With my 850 I could create a loft or another room. This is a visual blueprint for me to work from.

For starters, here is the main living room. We have a black leather set just like that and the wall of books should cover our books, games and knick knacks.

The kitchen looks like the same amount of cupboard space that we have now. I will need to find a wall for our china cabinet.

Bathroom looks efficient. I don't believe in more than one or two towels per person, so everything should fit in. Let's add a bathtub. I am addicted to floating in warm water. It is my cheap version of a spa.

This bedroom looks perfect. I would have the bunks be queen beds since all my children are taller than me. I also would have one more roll out from underneath if all three kids are home.
I grew up in a house where we were assigned two kids per room. Our cabin up north sleeps 6 people in one narrow room with bunks like these.

Here is the master bedroom. No need for the headboard or that metal frame around the matress. I lived my whole life without one, don't need to change now. Love the glowing orbs for ambiance. The closet is fine for both our clothes.

So now as I climb up and down my current mega-house, I can glance at things that don't fit in here and start making come cuts. The IKEA space is 588 sq ft and I am shooting for 850..that leaves me approximately 262 sq/ft to hoard the rest of my stuff.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Castle closure

Today I jumped into the car and drove to Minneapolis in search of the lucky recipients of the house that has adorned the header of my blog. Three stands of lights twinkled as I knocked on the door. With no script in hand, how do I explain to a stranger that I have house lust? How did I expect them to respond? A very friendly young man opened the door and luckily I had a printout of my blog. He said that he and his wife are missionaries and that this house was all they needed. His advice to me is to just only collect what you need. As I hemmed and hawed about how to shove all my possessions into this space, here were two people that understood that "less is more". Bravo to these two who can live so simply.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Solid as a rock

Do I qualify as a troll if I am 5'10"? This magical Hobbit house has the most beautiful circular door and hinge.

I just found out that a distant Etzkorn relative lives in a castle made of rocks. This calls for adventure roadtrip this summer,

My rock collection has begun.