Sunday, April 29, 2012

Willy Wonka paint scheme

One thing leads to another when you start cleaning. 

First you find things you have been looking for, and then you eliminate the the things you don't need and then you end up cleaning up more than expected. Since we painted my daughter's room I had to go through the paint cans and I found three cans of paint that will not be used again in this house. This happened the same week by daughter was cast as an oompa loompa at the high school play called  "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". 

A sent a simple email to the director to see if he could use these cans and off they went.  
I don't think it is an accident that this boat turned out pink.

Look what a little stage lighting and left over pink paint can do! 
I do take partial credit in the creation of the pink boat...I do.

Never underestimate the power of a mouse

I control the majority of square footage in our house with the exception of 180sq feet that my teenage daughter occupies in the basement. Threats of empty pop cans and mounds of clothes attracting spiders never gave any urgency to the mess. After discovering a dead mouse in the wash tub, the SWAT Team was called in. 
A=assess value,
With her full attention and cooperation,we weeded through a room of stuff.The only rule is that she has 5 seconds to throw it in the "love it", "leave it",or "toss it' bin. 
cleaning up a room

Phase two was to vacume and steam clean the carpet. Phase three was to replace the pink painted wall as well as the blackboard wall with the neutral house-selling "Toasted Marshmallow".

With money in hand from items sold on eBay, a new bedding package was purchased.We gained six mousetraps, eliminated a family of mice, donated two boxes of trinkets and the transformation was complete. 

If only I would have discovered this humane method of catching a mouse, I would've had the opportunity to say thank you.

illustration and steps to catch a mouse humanely

The mousetrap method was developed by Chris Glass here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A tree house in Whistler built by Joel Allen

A circular tree house built by Joel Allen in Whistler
This tree house is unique from anything I have posted before.  Joel Allen searched for the perfect tree in Whistler to create this circular home for a retreat but also for anyone else who stumbles upon it.  There are windows at the top that open for better binocular position or perhaps star gazing at night.  I wonder what eight spices he stocked the kitchen with?
A circular tree house built by Joel Allen in Whistler showing cooking stove

 Bravo to Joel Allen for using craig's list to get scrap wood and supplies to complete the project.  When I find my wee house I want to describe the inside like Joel does... " inside is a desk, a chair, a guest book and enough room on the deck to sit down."

Read the whole article here.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Coolest Small House Contest by Apartment Therapy

Small is also "cool" according to Apartment Therapy's contest to find the smallest, coolest home for 2012.  The eligibility required the home be under 1000 sq feet.

I love how they broke up the divisions.

  • TEENY-TINY 400 Square Feet and under
  • TINY 600 Square Feet and under (but over 400 Square Feet)
  • LITTLE 800 Square Feet and under (but over 600 Square Feet)
  • SMALL Under 1,000 Square Feet (but over 800 Square Feet)
  • INTERNATIONAL All non-US entries (under 1,000 Square Feet)

My favorite is small, but in the teeny-tiny division called "Malissa's Perfect Retreat".  She lives in this 170 sq ft home with her husband and two pets. It is nice to see such passion in such little square feet and Malissa said it best,  "The most powerful feeling that I have about my small home will always be the love I feel while nestled inside it."

Vote for Malissa here.
170 sq foot home
Nice use of the ladder to hide the closet when not in use.

shower in a 170 sq foot home that goes in a bucket
Interesting shower with the base being a bucket.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Storage by Faith Shearin

I listened to a poem read by Garrison Keillor while I was driving. Here are the words below. If you want to hear Garrison read it, he starts the poem around 3:10 on the podcast.

Friday, April 13, 2012

12 ft house by Doug Sandberg

This architect named Doug Sandberg finds a lot that is 18 feet wide and decides he is going to build a 12.5 wide foot house on it.

a house that is 12.5 feet wide

Doug has more pictures on his blog.

the living room of a 12.5 ft wide house

I happened to notice the tag on this bathroom for a dual-flush toilet and have never heard of that before. I looked it up on how things work here. Did you know by 2013, 36 states will begin to experience a shortage in water?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Downsizing motto

a motto that says freak out and throw stuff
This card caught my eye, and I thought "throw stuff" meant "get rid of stuff". On second glance it probably means literally TOSS AND THROW THINGS VIOLENTLY ACROSS THE ROOM .. actually that may be more therapeutic....I should try that.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

SALA Architects

SALA is an architectural firm in Minneapolis.  I have grown up walking by their sign in yards of houses getting remodeled. I love their mix of elements and colors on the exterior of the houses they create. From the photos I viewed on their web site they have such creative ideas for use of windows, decks and even the shape of a chimney. Visit their site here.
photos of houses by SALA

Remodeled home by SALA

Home built by SALA Architects

Small house with porch by SALA Architects

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dying to downsize.

Part of me wants to blame my house selections recently on the fact that I have started the series "6 feet under" with my video club.

Our realtor called to say she had found a house that just arrived on the market. It is small, it is near the city and an older person used to live there.  I had visions of ripping up dated orange shag carpet to reveal virgin hardwood floors.  

The house had no curbside appeal, but there is always potential.  As we neared the door the realtor turned and mentioned it was actually in really bad shape.  What we saw inside was just gross.  The multi-shade green carpet was disgusting, worn through the padding and the smell that came out of one room had my husband convinced that perhaps the person DIED in the house.  The sink facet looked like it had cancer with colors of mineral and rust deposits...just ick. We told the realtor to take us off off her auto listings and that we are just not interested in looking anymore if this is what a do-it-yourself house would look like.  As I looked back on the listings to show you the house, I swear the dead man is in this you see him?

Two weeks passed then this email came.
"This is really cute and I had to show you" said the realtor.

At first glance, it did have charm.  We agreed to go see it and then the realtor added one more line. "I just wanted to let you know that 100 years ago this was a funeral home".  With episode two of 6 feet under detailing the embalming process, I made a mental note to look for drainage systems in the basement. We didn't last long in the house, as it was huge and the outside was held up by duct tape.

We were hoping they would've thrown in a complimentary hearse for our daughter to drive to school, but no luck.

Monday, April 2, 2012

A couch that turns into a bunk bed

I saw this on Pinterest.  What a great way to save space for two purposes.
Resource furniture originally produced it. Check out their video on my recent post.

As an update to this post, the couch has now been discontinued. Check out other options for space saving beds at the resource furniture website

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tupperware stands behind their 9 inch plates

The good news.
After reading Alex Bogusky's "the 9-inch "Diet," I headed to my kitchen cupboard with a measuring tape and discovered that my most used plates were indeed 9 inches.

The bad news.
Look at these things! These plates have been abused by years and years of pizza rolls. 
Tupperware microwave plate

I often thought to call Tupperware and ask them what type of guarantee they had.
The thought never led to action as these plates are used several times before the sun sets each day.

I finally made the call.

"Hello, is this customer service for Tupperware?  I have these very old and abused plates, in fact they have been discolored and have indents and severe bowing and..."

"mam?" she interrupts," we believe you and are sending you out a replacement set today" 

"What?" I reply. "You don't need these deformed plates mailed back to you for proof? "

"No, mam, just the code on the bottom."  

"Well, I can't expect you to just GIVE me a new set since they have have been really, really used, so I will order an additional four to thank you for the lifetime guarantee."

 "Mam, that is not necessary, but I would be happy to add an additional 4 plum purple plates to your order."

My eight purple plates arrived today.
Thank you Tupperware.
Any house considered from this point on, must have a cupboard that will fit the new purplicious plates.

Tupperware lunch purple plates