Saturday, July 28, 2012

Alex Honnold's main baggage is confidence

Alex Honnold's ability to scale tall mountains without a rope is amazing.  
His confidence and focus on his passion outweighs his material possessions.

I enjoyed watching his survival van packed with nothing more than a few bins of clothes, 
a propane cooker, some cheese and container of blueberries.  
Skip to 1:27 on the video if you want to see that part.

On a side note, the movie "Running The Sahara" journals three men running 50 mies a day
for over 100 days across the Sahara. One of them called houses, "The graves of the living". 
Today my plan to clean three bathrooms is fulfilling that concept.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ross Chapin Architects

 Ross Chapin Architects designed this 992 sq ft "Saratoga" house.  

aqua blue house with red door
The site showases fourteen different blueprints ranging from 300-1000 sq ft. 
The blue house goes very nicely with the red door.

Basic layouts of each house are provided and the actual blueprints 
can be purchased for $1,000.00.

blueprint of a small house

These split stairs can be found in the Hilltop model.
split stairs to loft

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The world's smallest house

Measuring only one square meter, architect Van Bo Le-Mentzal creates a space to sit, sleep and a door that locks. This makes me feel really greedy with my 850 sq foot goal. Why do the small house architects always forget the kitchen? I finally found a house that is too small for me.

One square meter house

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Peter Walsh de cluttering challenge

I stumbled across this short video about tips to de clutter from the guru Peter Walsh who is Oprah's source for organizing.  I will briefly summarize the few tips he had, or watch the video above. I love his message of don't concentrate on the stuff, instead ask yourself if the stuff creates the mood you want.
1). Empty contents into a bin for the next month.
two bins full of kitchen utencils

Every time we use an item from the kitchen, put it back in the original drawer. 
At the end of the month get rid of what was not used.
The Christmas candy thermometer gets grandfathered in.

2). Anything you have a lot of, use the ratio rule.  
clothes on a rack
For every four items that you decide to keep you must toss one. I have done that already with my books and instead I tried to narrow them down to my top ten which ended up my top 20. That change has left my shelves clean and room for decorative items.

3).Create a dedicated place for paperwork. 
Digital receipt
We use the 7 second rule at our house. When the mail comes in, immediately toss all the junk mail, call subscriptions that were not requested and the rest stays. 
Most of our bills are digital. 
Many retailers are now asking if I want my receipt emailed. 
I created an email just for that purpose. 

4). Flipping hangers to track clothing use.
No doubt we use 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. Peter's idea is to flip the hanger and when you use the clothing then turn it back the other direction.  My variation is to save one area of the closet to put these clothes so that I am forced to choose from the remaining clothes. My deadline for wearing the clothes is New Years Eve so that will let me go through the majority of seasons in Minnesota.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Compulsive Un-nester

My sister came over this week to let my dogs out.
She is the one who affectionately labeled me as the compulsive un-nester.

Later she said to me, "What happened to your house? There is nothing left!

I just smiled and said, "Thank you...thank you very much."

The homeowner of this house understands me.

 Check out the easy lawn care
small home with wooden sidewalk

Lots of room for guests
small home with white walls

Project home movies on the wall
small home with white walls

Friday, July 6, 2012

Gordon Walker Residence

Gordon Walker, a Seattle architect created this retirement home 
that could fit on a flat bed truck.
With forest on one end and meadow on the other, 
his four "C's" of nurturing design is what caught my attention.
1). The ability to: Continue activities and relationships.
2). Compensate for disabilities.
3). Contribute in the community.
4). Challenge the mind (with a nearby library or museum. I would add wifi)

Read more about Gordon Walker in the Seattle TImes article.

The drawbridge adds a bit of adventure.
unique retirement home in woods
 You can see from one end to the other.
Side view of home in woods
 Wish there were more shots of the inside and how things are stored. 
These white structures must house the "stuff"
Lots of windows on this 16 ft wide home in the woods

Monday, July 2, 2012

My Basset Hound ate my coffee cup

This plastic coffee cup holder has been the coveted drink holder in our family for many years because it fit into any drink slot in our cars.   With one chomp from one of the Basset hounds, it became officially useless.   As it sat on our hope chest for two weeks, my husband asked me how much longer I was planning to mourn. I realized this simple mug was probably a Volkswagen employee incentive gift the dealer threw in when our Jetta needed it's monthly oxygen sensor replaced.

Within the same week this relic developed a crack. 
The happy ending to this story is over 20 years ago, 
I attended my Nike-themed bachelorette party. 
Guests brought me Nike ornaments, earrings 
and even an old pair of Nike shoes to tie to the back of our car. 
My sister commissioned an artist to create this set of Nike coffee mugs. 
The fear of cracking or breaking them prevented me from ever taking them out of the box.
 The two broken mugs are now disposed of.
It seems when you toss/clean something up, you usually find a treasure.
I found four.