Sunday, September 30, 2012

What I would take out of a burning house.

barbara etzkorn  and her basset hounds
I made the burning house blog!
Yeah! May the word of downsizing spread to one and all!
See what I would take out of a burning house here:

See this blog entry to find out why the Marmont coat is so important:
marmont coat

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Unhappy Hipsters

Introducing a fun blog called Unhappy Hipsters.
What a hilarious site and my new obsession to follow.
First of all I was taken back by the beauty and modern design, then I fell in love with all the comments! Hilarious! I officially insert my first blog to follow on this site.

Friday, September 21, 2012

168 ft home created by excess

Hari-and-Kari- Berzin- 168-ft- home

Hari and Kari Berzin built this 168 ft home out of reused items from Craigs list.

See more about their journey.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Floating house

floating house in maine
Hand-built floating cabin in Perry Creek, on the island of Vinalhaven, Maine. as seen on cabinporn site.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Fallen Star by Do Ho Suh is a permanent structure on the USCD seventh floor of Jacobs School of Engineering.

Here is the initial visual idea:

The house was built on the ground and lifted to the top by an enormous crane.

There is a bit of the Wizard of OZ in this view.

The tilt of the house and the sky blue paint are lovely.

Complete with furnishings inside and a garden entry, this qualifies as a house with a view.
More photos and a video here on how they raised the house up on the roof with a crane.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Watch what you wear to yoga

My son had one more pile to go through to fit all his belongings into one closet (except the drum set). He is much better than me at tossing. He has no emotional baggage. I hollered up the stairs, "Let me know when you find the treasure!"  Sure enough, tucked inside a recipe book was a gift card. We both laughed at how it never fails that something is discovered when one organizes.  He headed out the door for a latte at McDonalds with his gift card and I glanced at a T-shirt of his never worn in the give-a-way pile. I figured it was a indie-band and threw it on for yoga. As I was leaving the house my daughter laughed at me and asked if I knew what the message was. It is a support group for those who are recovering from self-harm activities like cutting.
tshirt that says "To write love on her arms"

I ran upstairs to change, and noticed my workout shirts are horrible. Starting from the left is the green "District" shirt that my son got free when he moved into the dorm. The average Joe shirt is from Target but a bit small. The Einstein shirt is from my sister in Florida who sends up promotional shirts every year for Christmas. It has a give blood message on the back. And finally my bing shirt. It was the only free souvenir I got from last year's Black Friday for getting up at 4am with my daughter to go shopping. It is also a sacrilegious shirt in a predominately mac household.
old hand me down shirtsTonight I toss them all and start wearing the two nice NEW shirts. 
Just do it shirt and under armor shirt
Only keep what you love and toss the emotional baggage...just do it..

Sunday, September 9, 2012

TED talk by Kent Larson: maximizing cities for the future

Yesterday I took my annual pilgrimage to the city for a 6 x 3 block garage sale.  
I gawked at the charmnig backyards and rummaged for a few souvenirs.

This interesting TED talk by Kent Larson called, "Brilliant designs to fit more people in every city", discusses ways to reduce space and maximize houses in cities.

Cities of the past where developed around the premise that people where able to get all they need within a 5-10 minute walk of their home.

At 8:10 There is an interesting car that folds up to reduce parking space.

11:15 Kent talks about the ideal  (800 sq ft home design) complete with robotic walls that change with each persons needs.

The main area can change from a living /study area to...
 A guest suite and bedroom...
 Then be folded away for a nice living room area for the day.....
 And a dining room table to fit my entire family for Christmas!

14:13 they have developed lights that have sensors to determine where you are and change voltage to save energy.

The city: It's where I want to be.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cooper Joseph Studio

This was created as a writer's studio, 
but I noticed a ladder on the outside that goes to the roof.
That will be a lovely bedroom under the stars.

Note the firewood can be seen from the outside. 
Cooper Joseph Studio exterior

Such an open space with nothing it. 
Small pebble fireplace frame compliments the wood paneling.
Let's play charades against a crackling fire.
Cooper Joseph Studio interior fireplace

Front door. 
Windows, sunlight, nature.
Cooper Joseph Studio clear glass front door

Wish I knew more about this sink.
Is it concrete made to look like wood?
Why does a traditional sink have such a deep bowl anyway?
Cooper Joseph Studio slotted bathroom sink

Cooper Joseph projects can be found here.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

That's why it's called Labor Day

As half my family headed north for Labor Day, I stayed home and nursed a Basset Hound with a pinched nerve (he is the one stuck at the top of the stairs). I headed into the basement to make room for the drum set my son was bringing home TEMPORARILY.
two Bassett Hounds

Now the old me would say, "Let's move this plastic shelf right here...done"
The new me says "You can no longer hide things in this plastic shelf, what do you NEED?

The majority of the contents was paper. I allotted myself two little shelves from my art cabinet and my rule was whatever doesn't fit, goes. One pile will be donated to a daycare, one pile of construction paper, one pile of decorative paper and one pile of trash.

I went through each sheet of paper I liked and actually had to cut it down to  8.5" x11" size to fit the smaller drawer, thus I only picked my favorites. The pile for the daycare got bigger and bigger. My choices of colors got smaller and smaller. Win-win.

Then I discovered the ugly truth. I own four hot glue guns. Four. Is this like a guy who buys a new hammer everytime he can't find one? I chose the gun with the least amount of wear and threw the other three in the donation bag.

I found this purple ribbon that will be used as part of a Halloween costume this year. 

Sometime before Pintrest, I read of someone recycling computer keys for letters. No wonder I never used them...that was a dumb idea.....garbage.

Finally I came across an old school project. We needed to advertise OB tampons and I created this "starter kit" to hook the young girls.  On the right is a sample of the product with a lipstick holder that has an empty middle to hide the evidence in your locker. On the left is a hunk of cardboard which represents a chocolate bar, a funky pen and a cute mini calendar.  I raced into my teenaged daughters room and when I pulled out the cute calendar mock-up she replied "Mom, that is so dated, there is an app for that".