Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nir Pearlson and Six Degrees Construction, perfect mix for 800 sq ft. home.

More architects are interested in sustainable services including Nir Pearlson.
Nir works along with Six Degrees Construction to create and remodel spaces like this 800 sq. ft home.
Nir Pearlson and Six Degrees Construction 800 sq ft. home

Outside, there are roof solar panels, a rain chain and a unique upward entry.
Nir Pearlson and Six Degrees Construction 800 sq ft. home

Inside, open spaces and lots of windows let in light.

Nir Pearlson and Six Degrees Construction 800 sq ft. home

 A bench that doubles as storage.
Nir Pearlson and Six Degrees Construction 800 sq ft. home
Exposed wood and bright colors add warmth.

Nir Pearlson and Six Degrees Construction 800 sq ft. home

The entry way combines slate tiles and a wood floor.
Nir Pearlson and Six Degrees Construction 800 sq ft. home

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Home squeezed home

This article about Tiny homes includes houses that are 100-200 square feet. I was interested in the fact that this one was built on a plot of land with a "neighborhood" of tiny houses. Amy Lynch, who is a consultant for a company that studies generational trends says it nicely, "Millennials don't want big space. It's not just a life stage but what they value. They're urban creatures"

desk in 200 sq foot house

sleeping loft in 200 sq ft home

storage in 200 sq ft home

sink and stove in 200sq ft home

See full article here at the Star Tribune.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Birthday gift

Love this gift I received from my friend this morning.
It is a beautiful new word.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Glacier Hut essentials for the unexpected.

Returning from a vacation cross country skiing to Glacier Hut in Yosemite I could post the predictable list of what to and not to bring for an adventure at 7000 ft. Hindsight is always easier and a good rule of thumb is when you pack and are ready to walk out the door, stop and empty out half. My pessimist side grumbled as we had one mini flashlight per backpack, until the electricity/heat went out in our lodging for hours and they became priceless. I needed to listen to my common sense side and not over plan for the extra pair of socks and mittens in case they got wet....which they did and we still didn't use them. With both shelter and necessities on my back,  the essentials were definitely brought along and the goal was to use what we hauled along.

It was on the return trip when we found a fellow skier who had fallen and sprained her wrist that I proudly wiped out my first aid kit and offered her my ace bandage. Suddenly I realized that this bandage was not going to be returned to me. It was from my Dad and I had harped on all my kids their whole life to be diligent at returning the metal clips that held it together. My materialistic side blurted out that this ace bandage had tons of memories for me and as she wound up the bandage she said " I don't need these clips".  These little pieces of stuff accumulate to be MANY things with emotional attachments that remain on the journey of our life. Sometimes things can't be given away, they must be taken away.

Monday, January 14, 2013

"My Stuff", a documentary film

This 80 minute documentary follows Petri, a 26 year old, who finds a creative solution to eliminating his possessions. He throws ALL his things into a storage unit and only took out ONE item per day to see what he actually needed. This film was created in Finland and I hope it has subtitles. The film is due out later this month. I would love to see what order he selects things.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Seating for 20 with no dining room table

Christmas is the holiday I am honored to host each year.
I was not surprized to find this email weeks before in anticipation:

I did sell our dining room table that used to sit 10 people and I was expecting 20.
First I took the ottoman, put a board on top of it, then gathered any end tables.

Each year my family uses a letter from the alphabet to form the theme to our holiday party. This year it was the letter "J", so I just positioned it as our "Japanese Christmas". Taking an old holiday table cloth and a graduation outfit, I turned into Maria from the Sound of Music and sewed holiday pillow/seats for 8 of the guests.

With two card tables and some festive lights I had seating for 20. We ate with chopsticks and there was room for everyone. On the wall is the word "joy" in Japanese.

Dining room tables are so overrated.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Hound looking for a home

While we were hanging ornaments on the tree we decided a dozen or so were just not needed including this Basset Hound figurine. It's heavy and it doesn't look as brown as our dogs.
A day later I was looking for something to attach our house key to while we are on vacation for the neighbors watching the Bassett Hounds. I immediately thought of the ornament and it was transformed into  a useful object

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Smallest Christmas Card


I spread the joy of the little house to one and all this Christmas in the form of a small booklet card. Each page contained a family member doing an activity in a room. It was a perfect mix of handmade type and downsizing....ahhhhh.
christmas card featuring small house booklet
It was placed in an opaque window for the world to see.....

I claim this as the smallest Christmas card.
Smallest Christmas card