Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tossing items can be entertaining.

Let's start with my epic fail Pintrest pizza dough dinner. 

My daughter went to wash the stone pizza tray and it broke into pieces. 
pampered chef broken pizza stone

Off we went to place called Turnstyle  consignment shop to see what they found of value. 
It's kind of a halfway house for used things.  
Consignment shop with cake tier

A good rule rule is to immediately donate the unwanted items at a thrift store. 
Here is a photo of me mourning my valentines frames, my crazy hair candle holder, 
a drying rack and two covered cupcake pans. 
getting rid of more stuff
As we were leaving my daughter took a photo of the two lamps I kept planning to add new shades to. While she was taking the picture, one of the workers thought she was snapping a shot of him so he smiled and stuck his head out the door.
Donating to thrift shop

As the day ended, my unfinished lamps were gone and my daughter was left holding a consignment check that covered her gas money for another week.
These little victories are what continue to make me toss.

Monday, February 25, 2013


mengsel design of small house in woods

Screen print by mengsel design. who goes by the real name Luzelle van der Westhuizen

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A sweet goodbye

Last week I lost my dream house and my favorite long eared friend.

As much as I stalked, tracked, and obsessed about that tiny house on Harriet Avenue, it was not meant to be. Some lucky person snatched it from under my nose when it went up for sale and proved to me that I was not the only one who loved it. For the 12 hours I thought it could be ours,  I ran around and found every single thing I could do without to fit into that 780 square feet and piled it in our living room. The next day I had found out an offer was placed on it and that the inspection was complete. The realtor said, "It's a done deal. There is NOTHING.YOU.CAN.DO."

This was the same day we had to put down our second Basset Hound. I now exist in a world filled without barking and tail wagging.

I took all the dog supplies to a local rescue house and wanted to bring the vet something nice tomorrow to thank them for all the years of service. Val at Burnsville Byerly's Bakery created these precious Basset Hound cupcakes. Perhaps only a mother can tell that some of the dog cupcakes have longer ears than the others.

Rest in peace Bagels and may a new compass pave the way for our next shelter.

dog cupcakes

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Love at first sight.

Every picture, every angle, every choice of paint color, every word....everything.

The architectural and design firm called Hatchworks is headed by Adam Talianchich out of Austin Texas.
Hatchworks yellow small house

Here is someone who is bold enough to use an orange stripe across the front of a house. 
The fence is interesting, the mailbox is cool and the lawn doesn't look suburban...I am mesmorized.

Hatchworks small house with orange stripe

Hatch specializes in designing small houses. 
They even create tree houses or Quonset huts, which are half circular structures of galvanized steel.
The house below has so many interesting angles with a welcoming brick entry.
Hatchworks small house cocoa paint with brick entry
With each photo comes new eye candy. 
How can the inside look as good as the outside? 
Look at the hint of baby blue paint that looks like a slice of the sky.

Hatchworks small house baby blue paint with retro light

              Who thinks of transforming a room by just painting the ceiling a glossy lime green?
Hatchworks small house lime green painted celing
                  Or decides paint has the freedom to come down three feet from the ceiling?
Hatchworks small house unique ceiling painting
                                   Here is the kicker, one of his project is called the man cave.
Hatchworks man cave project

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cesar Kuriyama: One second every day

How do we document out lives?

This Ted talk by Cesar Kuriyama is a great example of capturing one's life without any material baggage.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Long Live Dodge

On this day of love there is a special someone I need to let go of.

 Thank you to musician George Maurer who wrote this song for his dog to give me closure.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Gutter decoration

If Home Depot only knew the potential for gutter decorations.
This wicked witch gutter won't take up any room inside the house, so it is a must for outside.

dorothy gutter decoration

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Acts of kindness when it snows

sidewalk with snow plowed

When I was growing up our driveway was made out of loose rocks. It was a bear to shovel and even worse to walk across and play basketball on. With six able children, we would all go out and shovel that beast of a driveway with a shovel.

In Minneapolis we had a short driveway and a shovel worked just fine. You could even chat with Fred across the alley at the same time.

Our current house has a standard size driveway, but the real task is long sidewalk that follows the main street.

We have the largest area to shovel of all the neighbors and we don't own a snowblower for the simple reason that it is good exercise.

With the predicted 6 inches today, I was ready to strap my heart monitor on and call this my Sunday workout. I glanced out the window and the neighbor across the street was heading to our sidewalk with his snowblower.

There are three neighbors who will occasionally do "the stretch" for us and I reward them will Oscar nominations for best neighbor or if it is a deep snow, a pan of hot brownies.

The truth is,  (and I constantly remind them) I don't mind shoveling. When I stopped and thanked the neighbor this morning he said he was looking for something neighborly to do.  That made me think if I had a snowblower, this whole encounter may not have ever happened.

The idea of a house with a small driveway, a SHORT sidewalk and one shovel, is one of the things I look forward to when we leave.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dee Williams, my downsizing hero

By now I am familiar with the names in the downsizing circle. There is Jay Shafer who is the guru of the tiny house movement and co-owner of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. I bought his book two years ago and was blown away by his vision. Dee Williams is another name I have been hearing and it was nice to hear her story above. I especially like that she had room for her dog.  It's hard enough trying to convince my husband that the 980 sq foot house of my dreams is big enough when I could see us in something even smaller. If I can keep him from wanting a second freezer I may have a chance for my own little house on the trailer.

See the entire story of living large in small houses here.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A perfect house by Creative Cottages, llc

A perfect house needs to be small and have a red metal roof.
Creative cottage small yellow house with red roof
It needs a well thought out fireplace centered in the middle of the room.
Creative cottage stone fireplace
The kitchen should be small and efficient.
Creative cottage white kitchen
The bathroom should have a tub, but if there is a shower it would look like this.
Creative cottage shower with pebble floor
A memorial of each Basset Hound should be displayed prominently on the mantle.
Creative cottage dog artwork on mantle

Natural light should shine from everywhere.
Creative cottage natural light in small house

Of course it's not all about me, I would let my husband hang his trophy on the wall.
knit deer mounted on wall

This home was designed by Creative Cottages.