Friday, May 30, 2014

I saw a mirage on Shutterstock.

While looking for photos on Shutterstock, I noticed the top right corner blue arrow.

I honestly saw this:

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

60 seconds flat

Hauled out a pile of unused wood this weekend.
Within 60 minutes of posting it on craigslist as "FREE", two groups cleaned it all up.
Love finding homes for things.

pile of discarded lumber

Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday Multiple Series # 48-Pepperoni, Cheese and Supreme

When my daughter found out that her college allowed a pizza maker in the dorm, I knew just the person to call. I predicted my brother, an avid thrifter could find this $50 retail item within a week for just a few dollars. Within a day he reported not only did he have one, but  THREE! 
This is a family affair .... the pizza party .... not the multiple consumption genes.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Keep the light on

I hear the lyrics, "millions...are...lost from home"
Listen below on how both artists put the notion of "home " to music:

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fiber farewell again.

It was repaired with a motor from China, then melted the hot glue at Christmas.

The latest epoxy glue bandaid only lasted two hours this weekend then stopped rotating.

Goodbye fiber optic light.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Bloomington curbside clean up

Each year Bloomington allows their residents a week to put out items they don't need.
The city comes by to collect it or scavengers recycle it.

This house sure took advantage of the situation.

curbside clean up with large pile of mattress, carpet and stuff

Thursday, May 15, 2014

"live little" door mat

Decided to spruce up the front door using an IKEA door mat a little of that excess black spray paint.
Thanks Trevor for the great line.

a door mat with "live little" spray painted on it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ralph Erskine

In the 1940 Ralph Erskine built this two room house for for his family of four from land donated by a friend.  Over 70 years later it  looks timeless and modern.
(photo by Olle Norlin)

ralph erskine room house built on rocks

With no electricity or plumbing, this fireplace must've been so important.
The floral cement decoration is divine.

fireplace with floral design carved into cement by Ralph Erskine
Bedroom, kitchen and workspace all in the same area.

Complete story and last two photos found on small house bliss.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

House Hunt Series #5: "We lost"

The online house listing email notification system pops up with new possibilities the moment they hit the market. Gone are the days when you could schedule a group of houses to see on a weekend. Instead we need to pounce.  

From looking at houses with awkward oven placement:

To adopting someone else's urban garden:

From trying to justify the outside:

With the beautiful 672 sq feet of the inside:

This next house was different.

Professional landscaping greeted us with an entrance that showed no sign of entropy.

An offer was made knowing someone else had just submitted one, so we offered OVER the asking price. After a day of waiting we were sent a text, "we lost".
Someone else snatched the jewel with an extremely high bid.
The listing has mysteriously vanished from the internet, but I have this image saved to remind me it wasn't a mirage.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Multiple Series # 46-Paints, stains and cocoa

Cobwebs, dripping laundry detergent, rusty paint cans, satin, eggshell, and poly something.

I really should address the paint and stain inventory.

Since it's Mother's Day as I am creating this, I am given child bearing immunity and will deal with on a gallon by gallon basis in upcoming posts.

Pass me one of those warm triple chunk brownies..

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What makes a hoarder?

I bet each one of us has done a little bit of hoarding in their lifetime.

For me, it was during the 80's when I discovered the beauty and power of advertising in a company called Nike. You would find me in the library and doctor's office quietly ripping out each new ad. After gathering a stack, I had my mother laminate them for a future wallpaper display.
Here they are  unrolled 25 years later:

Having listened to both podcast links below I am ready to let go of these advertising time capsules. As part of the healing process I will create a Pinterest board to share the beauty with others.
I heard a voice calling,  "Just do it" and so I did.

The first was on MPR News Daily Circuit, called "Helping hoarders let go"

The above podcast was short and informed me that Minnesota has had a hoarding task force for over two years.  Although it is hard to collect data, it is thought that 15-20% of our nation hoards.

They defined the difference between clutter and hoarding as the ability to use a living space in a safe manner.

One man said what began as a collection of video games and interesting items that made people intrigued to come over to his house ended up being the reason he stopped having people over because there was no where to sit and enjoy the games.

Hoarders will take an item and even if it is damaged they start to develop a relationship and attach meaning to it.

The other podcast was done in 2010 on MPR, called "The psychology of hoarding"

This podcast was fairly long but it was full of good information.

They gave three things that make up a hoarder:
1). The person has an excessive acquisition of buying items or collecting free things.
2). They have difficulty getting rid of things once they get into the home.
3). They have an inability of keep those things organized, resulting in piles.

No matter how many times a house is cleaned, it will not make a difference in the behavior.

The collections have little to do with the physical items, and more to do with the meaning applied to them. The podcast said that when a patient finds something shopping they actually fell a euphoria.

One way doctors help hoarders or "collectors" control the behavior is to have them generate a list of questions they need to carry around with the when they shop. If they want to buy something and can answer the questions honestly, then it is ok to buy it. Questions can be anything from, "Do I have one of these already?" "Is there an immediate purpose for this item?" "Will it make my life better for buying it?"

The psychologists will have the patient leave their setting and then they take photos of the living area so they can see it from a different perspective.  The patient may have a fear of wasting things and are actually concerned with creating garbage with a useful item.

The next part I found most interesting because I fall into the category of "creative" person.

From research done, the behavior of hoarding effects people who are more creative because they see details, notice quality and their view of the world is more complex.  They explained that the person may have special abilities to notice ascetic details.  They can also be perfectionists so that creates the need to wait until the time is right to complete projects.

One of the psychologists called her patient "sick",  and created new meaning to each letter in that word:

S= Sensitive

Hoarders often do nice things for others.
Those around a hoarder need to realize that they organize things spatially, while most of us organize with some type of categorized system.  For this reason the doctors have gone into houses that had empty drawers because a hoarder's belongings needs to be out and seen for visual clues.

One of the guests Renae Reinardy wrote tips on how to help a hoarder in your life.

Both podcasts are worth a listen and I am more self conscious and also more sensitive to others knowing some of the above information.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Multiple Series # 45-Pen pals

My desk writing instruments reside in the ceramic cup my daughter made for me.

On my four year Linkedin anniversary for working at pounce, I was given a DeadFred  holder which proudly displays my bulletproof Smith&Wesson pen.

Today I was given this bullet shell packaging suggesting that I use it as a pen holder. It actually works really well and shows me that there are indeed a few duplicate pens I can toss. It has done it's work and now it must go to recycling heaven.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

This really will change my life.

On this rainy day when home listings are sparse and our purchases continue to grow, I take comfort in this wonderful article by Amy Klein called "Fitting a West Coast life into a New York apartment".

Her journey of giving a homeless man a suitcase and then wanting it back is something I can relate to on a weekly basis.

Here are a few excerpts from the article:

Breathe, breathe, breathe, I told myself as I surveyed the towering chaos — the rusting antique bed frame, the bags of audio and video cassette tapes, enough moisturizer to slather a herd of elephants. 

"I looked at my piles: throw, donate, keep, probably keep, maybe keep, possibly keep, could-be keep. "