Friday, August 28, 2015

So little. So much.

In the middle of work an email pops up with an update from the open road crew. I swiped through the photos and stopped at this one. Everything seems to be aligned in their universe. From the perfect vantage point to see the sun set to the child returning back from exploring. Everything for a family of four is in that van. Everything.

The quote that goes along with the photo:
A dream is not just a want, it is something worked towards, focused on and fed the nourishment to grow and thrive.  Dreams are made reality by doing, not wishing. What are your dreams? Have you outlined how you can make them come true? Have you worked towards that goal today?  They will remain a want unless you set them into motion."
family of four explores world in a van

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Share shop brings life to unused items

Usually things that clutter up my space are sent to the donation center to find the person who "needs" it.  Perhaps if I lived in the UK, I could drop it by the new "Share Shop" designed to connect little used items to those who temporarily need them.

They quote in this article that the average electric drill is only used 15 minutes in a lifetime.

Great idea and a sustainable one too

There is a similar online borrowing service in the UK called borroclub.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Small house made of stones

Little-stone-house-in the-woods
This was my favorite little house of stone as I drove through Wisconsin this summer.