Friday, September 16, 2016

Neighborly visit

Today, I was invited in to see the progress of a neighbor's decluttering project.
We all have a system of what to start with and how to process stuff in or out of our lives.

Most of us store the things we don't look at very often in some corner of the basement.
For this woman that was the case and I was treated to the treasures of her world.

Check out this box FULL of handwritten letters.
This extinct form of communication was divided with string and notes of importance tucked in.

box of letters

These two metal boxes were content as a placeholder on the shelf.

As I was leaving, this piece of furniture was pointed out to me.
It used to be painted white and used for storing athletic equipment.
With some loving attention it was transformed back into the pie shelf it started this life as.
Hand crafted metal panels highlighted it's beauty.
Refurbished pie shelf

It was a fun break in the day to share in each other's journey.

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