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Thursday, October 2, 2014

House Hunt Series #8: Rock bottom staging errors

This week in house hunting unearthed a few beauties in St. Paul.

Be leery of panorama shots.

Always expect it to be small.

The "ombre" garage door.

Keep the rock collection in a box.
The no-maintenance lawn.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

House Hunt Series #6: More staging mistakes

Here are my next round of interesting photos I found while looking for a small house.

See the two bags already packed?
bags packed with labels

What did they leave in the sink?

rocks in sink

Nice security system covering the front door.
 Coordinating headboard and pet.
cat on bed

This was real, I'm not kidding.

close up of deer head

house windows make it looks like it is smiling

 How can this cement slab qualify as a double garage? 
garage slab

What a healthy ivy.

long plant vines

Nice backyard. Trees for privacy.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

House Hunt Series #5: "We lost"

The online house listing email notification system pops up with new possibilities the moment they hit the market. Gone are the days when you could schedule a group of houses to see on a weekend. Instead we need to pounce.  

From looking at houses with awkward oven placement:

To adopting someone else's urban garden:

From trying to justify the outside:

With the beautiful 672 sq feet of the inside:

This next house was different.

Professional landscaping greeted us with an entrance that showed no sign of entropy.

An offer was made knowing someone else had just submitted one, so we offered OVER the asking price. After a day of waiting we were sent a text, "we lost".
Someone else snatched the jewel with an extremely high bid.
The listing has mysteriously vanished from the internet, but I have this image saved to remind me it wasn't a mirage.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

House Hunt Series #4: Troll territory

The signs were clear as a troll perched on a tree stump.
What looked like a good deal ended up not being such a good deal.
I will leave it at that.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014

House Hunt Series #3: Things I would "tweak"

This small house has a grand entrance:

In my imagination I would tweak the door to the OTHER side.

The fireplace would be added and tweaked to work both inside and out.

I am adding a Christmas tree to the front since it's snowing in April today.

My husband hated it, especially the entrance.

Here are more finds on the MLS I came across.

Tweak the garage and deck to go in the BACK.

Tweak the kitchen decor.

Tweak the MLS so it doesn't say "undisclosed address"

Tweak the flamingos gang...come on, it's Minnesota.

Friday, March 14, 2014

House Hunt Series #1: Standing room only

Chalk it up to my great small house taste.
When we drove up to view this listing we were greeted by two other realtors racing to get in.

Check out the unusual placement of this piano in the basement.
On one side of the wall it was used as a coat rack.
piano-used-as-coat- rack
The middle part went THROUGH the wall to the other side.
This house sold the day after we looked at it.
The vintage red keys were probably a factor in reducing the cost $15,000.