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Friday, February 12, 2016

Abstain from clutter

I was sent this recently.
Apparently it has been floating around facebook this lent season.

So much easier than giving up chocolate.

a lent challenge to dispose of 40 items for lent

Friday, May 16, 2014

Bloomington curbside clean up

Each year Bloomington allows their residents a week to put out items they don't need.
The city comes by to collect it or scavengers recycle it.

This house sure took advantage of the situation.

curbside clean up with large pile of mattress, carpet and stuff

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jay Nuhring House Styling

Dear Jay, please come into my dwindling material world and create a place of simplicity and order.

Friday, January 10, 2014

A fun way to clear clutter: Rummage Runway

Welcome to "Rummage Runway."
I invented this as an excuse to get together with friends and vote on things that may or may not belong in their house depending upon how the panel votes.

To start off with, each person brings around ten things.
The items can be clothes or items in their house they may have difficulty donating.

Each person takes a turn walking in front of the others with each item.
Spectators have two pieces of paper (see image below) taped together.
The paper can be folded red to indicate toss, or green that indicates keep.

Here is the crew judging my blouse that my daughter is modeling.


Two coach purses surfaced and these name brand cushions.  
All three items were given unanimous red flags. 
"They were so expensive, it was hard to get rid of."
This necklace is bendable, yet no shape was attractive.

In the end, I was the only one who was instructed to keep things.
The flowered blouse and three pyrex bowls for my daughters microwave in college.

Here is the JPG if anyone wants to try it.
Red and green construction paper would work fine too.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

One win for the Lorax.

My day was going fine until this landed on my front step.

My blood started to boil and I headed in to call or email the CEO of Dex .
 As I ripped off the plastic, I was pleasantly surprised.

With a proud click of "confirm" I am free of any future directories.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Just when I have called each and every unwanted piece of junk mail and catalog on the phone, some genius comes up with an easy app to do it quickly. It's called paperkarma.  All you have to do is take a shot of the mail and it notifies the company for you to take you off the mailing list. Then it keeps track on the progress when the task is complete.

paperkarma gets rid of junk mail

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

10 tips to living in a small space by Erin Boyle

In New York space comes at a premium so it is no surpise to me that this video which includes living spaces at 240 sq feet, 300 sq feet and 105 sqaure feet are found.  To read the whole article from Shine from Yahoo read here.

In her blog called readingmytealeaves Erin Boyle details how she and her boyfriend survive in this tiny space.

She documents survival techniques. My favorite is,  "treat the city like it's your living room." Her boyfriend and her have spent many nights having picnics in parks, toasting wine glasses on church steps and strolling down streets.

They live in a 240 sq ft Apartment and give 10 tips to living in a small space.

1).   Hide clutter
2).   Seek out smaller versions of items
3).   Be creative about storage
4).   Buy beautifuul things
5).   Be selective about art
6).   Cut back on garbage
7).   Keep windows clean
8).   Put things away right away
9).   Limit what you buy
10). Make the city part of your lviing space.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Peter Walsh de cluttering challenge

I stumbled across this short video about tips to de clutter from the guru Peter Walsh who is Oprah's source for organizing.  I will briefly summarize the few tips he had, or watch the video above. I love his message of don't concentrate on the stuff, instead ask yourself if the stuff creates the mood you want.
1). Empty contents into a bin for the next month.
two bins full of kitchen utencils

Every time we use an item from the kitchen, put it back in the original drawer. 
At the end of the month get rid of what was not used.
The Christmas candy thermometer gets grandfathered in.

2). Anything you have a lot of, use the ratio rule.  
clothes on a rack
For every four items that you decide to keep you must toss one. I have done that already with my books and instead I tried to narrow them down to my top ten which ended up my top 20. That change has left my shelves clean and room for decorative items.

3).Create a dedicated place for paperwork. 
Digital receipt
We use the 7 second rule at our house. When the mail comes in, immediately toss all the junk mail, call subscriptions that were not requested and the rest stays. 
Most of our bills are digital. 
Many retailers are now asking if I want my receipt emailed. 
I created an email just for that purpose. 

4). Flipping hangers to track clothing use.
No doubt we use 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. Peter's idea is to flip the hanger and when you use the clothing then turn it back the other direction.  My variation is to save one area of the closet to put these clothes so that I am forced to choose from the remaining clothes. My deadline for wearing the clothes is New Years Eve so that will let me go through the majority of seasons in Minnesota.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Never underestimate the power of a mouse

I control the majority of square footage in our house with the exception of 180sq feet that my teenage daughter occupies in the basement. Threats of empty pop cans and mounds of clothes attracting spiders never gave any urgency to the mess. After discovering a dead mouse in the wash tub, the SWAT Team was called in. 
A=assess value,
With her full attention and cooperation,we weeded through a room of stuff.The only rule is that she has 5 seconds to throw it in the "love it", "leave it",or "toss it' bin. 
cleaning up a room

Phase two was to vacume and steam clean the carpet. Phase three was to replace the pink painted wall as well as the blackboard wall with the neutral house-selling "Toasted Marshmallow".

With money in hand from items sold on eBay, a new bedding package was purchased.We gained six mousetraps, eliminated a family of mice, donated two boxes of trinkets and the transformation was complete. 

If only I would have discovered this humane method of catching a mouse, I would've had the opportunity to say thank you.

illustration and steps to catch a mouse humanely

The mousetrap method was developed by Chris Glass here.

Monday, April 2, 2012

A couch that turns into a bunk bed

I saw this on Pinterest.  What a great way to save space for two purposes.
Resource furniture originally produced it. Check out their video on my recent post.

As an update to this post, the couch has now been discontinued. Check out other options for space saving beds at the resource furniture website

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Things to do to sell the house

A few weeks ago I had a realtor go through my house. She took me around and told me the many things to do to make it ready to sell. It was overwhelming and over six pages long. The following are suggestions that she made and the results that followed.

If you paint your garage white it will make your house look less blue.



Change your front door color from purple to white. ( I meant to do that 10 years ago).


Take down the orange wallpaper in the bathroom and paint it a neutral color. After we tore down all the wallpaper my daughter commented on her complexion was finally a natural tone without a orange glow.



Inspiration home of the day:

Monday, September 5, 2011

What to pack in a backpack for camping

A few weeks ago our family ventured up to the Boundary Waters for our summer vacation. We realized our backpacks were filling quickly without any tents, sleeping bags or food. So restrictions were made on clothing...just a few outfits. After portaging two heavy canoes, five heavy pack packs and two poles for a canopy for three days, I realized that I only really needed one outfit to sweat in, pour repellent all over and sleep in. The one time that we wanted our swim suits was at a hidden waterfall deep into the forrest after a muddy trail. Our packs were left back in the canoe. I jumped in with my clothes as did one of my kids and husband....the other swimsuit never saw water, nor did the other outfits and excess items. I'm thinking I should go through my closet and find 10 outfits I love and toss the rest.